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Art Dimensions 薈藝空間 (2012/2013)


Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (HART 1014), Spring 2012
Instructor: Dr. CHUI Pui Chee

‘Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy’ is one of the studio art courses offered by the Division of Humanities, in collaboration with the Undergraduate Core Education Office, and the Center for the Arts.

These two calligraphy pieces showcased the outstanding works of the students from course. This course introduces masterpieces and renowned calligraphers from different dynasties, for students to understand the historical development, theories and styles of Chinese calligraphy, and to develop an appreciation in the art form. Through hands-on experiences, students learned to master the basic writing techniques in an array of calligraphic styles, and get a taste of the spirit behind traditional Chinese calligraphy.






臨 趙孟頫 《玄妙觀重修三門記》
天地闔闢運乎鴻樞,而乹坤為之戶, 日月出入經乎黃道,而卯酉為之門, 是故建設琳宮,摹憲玄象外, 則周垣之聯屢,靈星之橫陳, 內重闥之劃,開閶闔之仿佛, 非崇巖無以備制度,非臣麗無以悚視瞻, 惟是勾吳之邦,玄妙之觀, 賜額改矣,廣殿新矣。
臨 黃庭堅題 《蘇軾黃州寒食詩跋》
東坡此詩似李太白,猶恐太白有未到處。 此書兼顏魯公、楊少師、李西臺筆意。 試使東坡復為之,未必及此。 它日東坡或見此書,笑我于無佛處稱尊也。

Pinhole Camera Workshop, Feb 2012
Instructor: Mr. CHEUNG Chun Yeung, Martin

This is one of the events of the “Meeting with Artists” Series, jointly presented by The Center for the Arts and the Undergraduate Core Education Office.

Pinhole Camera Snapshots of HKUST

This characteristically soft and blurry, black and white photo collage is created by the participants of the pinhole camera workshop. They wandered around the campus, and captured intimate places with estranged perspectives. The process of camera making, manual exposure and darkroom film development brought a fresh, memorable and fun experience to the participants.

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Participants: AU Chin To, AU YEUNG Ying Ying, CAO Wenbin, CHAN Shun Ting, CHENG Kwai Yee, CHOI Kai Lam, LAI Ka On Sapphire, LAM San Yee, LAU Wui Chun, MAN Chung Ki, TAM Wing Lam, TANG Wing Yan, TSE Tat Kit, TSE Wing Hei

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