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Outstanding Student Helpers 2015 Award Ceremony

The ceremony was held on May 4, 2015 at the Library Gallery.


KWAN Ho Leung Decker 關浩樑


Good afternoon everyone. I am pleased to be one of the best student helper in this year. First, i would like to thank the library for the nomination. I am happy to have work in library, a comfortable area for studying. As a helper, i just try my best to complete the mission form library. I have a good teamwork with other helpers and i become more careful during my duty. I can’t said i did very well in my duty, but i would say that i love to be a helper in library.


SHIU Ka Yu Fish 蕭加裕


I am so happy to be an “Outstanding Student Helper” this year and I know this is the first year of this scheme. I am so honor to get the award and I have never imagined I would get this award. I would like to thank Gabi and Anchovy. If they have not given the chance for me to be a student helper, I think I would not be here now. Actually, they are so nice and they just like our friends in the team. Also, I would like to thank HKUST Library for providing the student an opportunity to serve the other students in the university, enjoy the school life and make friends in the library. I remember that I have joined the Library Commons Student Team when I was a Year 2 student. Now, I have joined the team for around 2 years. Within the 2 years, I have made a lot of friends in the team and library. Also, I have gained a lot of valuable and unforgettable experience in the library. I would encourage the HKUST students to try to be the student helper in the library. This is because they will find a more enjoyable u-life of being a student helper.


YIP Ling Kwan Kamuel 葉淩堃


It is a great honor for receiving this meaningful award. I would like to thank HKUST library for appreciating my contribution. During my work at media counter, I feel like I am a part of the library and I am grateful to have a chance of serving the staff and students of HKUST. I would also like to express my gratitude to all media staff especially Becky, for her continuous patience and support. I particularly admire her expertise in media collection. She takes every media theme seriously with consideration of students’ preferences, like the top ten movie list on Valentine’s Day. I remembered once, I was not feeling well after a busy schedule. When she saw me, she directed me for doctor counselling. Becky is such a caring and supportive director. I have been working at media counter for almost 2 years and I am now graduating. For me, media is a resourceful place, with a variety of collection like microform storing information which cannot be found written form. It is also an interactive place for feedback sharing and latest movie recommendation. This is the best present for my graduation. Thank you very much.

Students of Merit

CHAN Tin Wai Rodney 陳天偉


CHOW Yan Kit Kenneth 周仁傑


CHUNG Sze Yin Nicole 宗思延


WONG Tik Sze, Daisy 王廸斯


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