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Digital scholarship

Scholarship increasingly deploys digital tools and methods to create, enhance, preserve, and disseminate scholarly research and knowledge across disciplines. The library team is eager to explore ways to support digital scholarship at HKUST.

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DS CoLab

DS CoLab is a collaborative, co-learning program for students and the Library’s DS team. We work together on projects that explore digital tools and AI in practical DS scenarios.


research Data Services

Data repository, Data Management Plans, and workshops that build your research data management skills, including data cleaning, analysis, visualization, and more.


Digital humanities Initiative

Explore the outcomes of the DH Initiative, a joint effort of the Division of Humanities and the Library.


Digital preservation

Resources about digital preservation, and the Library’s effort to assist digital curation and preservation of HKUST research artefacts.


We are currently working on several exciting digital projects with our students from different disciplines. Stay tuned for further updates!


Image Object Detection and Auto Tagging

Student Developers: Jack Lau, Eric Zhang


Chinese Named-Entity Recognition (NER) Tool

Student Developers: Sherry Yip, Berry Han

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Digital Humanities Projects

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