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RSS Feeds @ HKUST Library

RSS Feeds @ HKUST Library

News and Information

New Arrivals


The RSS icons link to XML files containing alternative versions of the most current new listings for various library resources, in RSS format.
If you have an RSS news reader or news aggregator, you can copy the links from the RSS buttons and enter them in your program.
Then, whenever the HKUST Library adds new physical or electronic resources, you will see the listings in your newsreader interface.

RSS Feed Icon What is RSS?
RSS is an XML protocol designed for “syndicating and aggregating” Web content, such as headlines, what’s new lists, etc.

“RSS […] provides an open method of syndicating and aggregating Web content. Using RSS files, you can create a data feed that supplies headlines, links, and article summaries from your Web site. Users can have constantly updated content from web sites delivered to them via a news aggregator, a piece of software specifically tailored to receive these types of feeds.”

-from the Utah State Library’s RSS Workshop
Finding an RSS Program to Use
Web-Based: Try Feedly or Feedreader
On Your Desktop: Try FeedReader [Windows] or NetNewsWire [Macintosh]
Explore the RSS Tutorial site for many readers, from Web-based tools to programs for mobile phones and PDAs.
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last modified 17 November 2023