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How Do I … Cite GenAI in My Work?

In the past year, using GenAI tools has become more common in universities. Everyone, from Year One undergraduates (beginning scholars) to advanced scholars, like professors are using it, or at least experimenting. One question many people have is: “How can I cite GenAI?” The answer is the dreaded, “Well, it depends….”. What does it depend…

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Photos of broken TVs in study rooms with dates

3 TVs in LC Study Rooms were Damaged

We have 13 TV monitors in the Learning Commons group study rooms, each with an HDMI cable for you to connect your laptop or tablet to facilitate discussion. Unfortunately, after the Chinese New Year holidays, 3 TVs (namely LC-05, LC-16, LC-18) were found broken within seven days (from February 20-26). Upon examination, we found that…

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