Library Newsletter No. 128 (April 2023)

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HKUST Library Newsletter | Issue No. 128 | April 2023

Book & Media Display: Food Culture

Don™t miss our inviting Book and Media displays situated just past the entry gates on the ground floor. In March, we held two thematic displays: Celebrating Women™s Achievements, followed by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Both displays synced well with International Women™s Day on March 8 and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21.



Collection Spotlight: JoVE

JoVE provides a rich collection of scientific videos to support education and research.
JoVE Science Education features short and engaging video demonstrations of laboratory techniques and experimental procedures in various fields such as biology, chemistry, and psychology. You can view videos by chapter, control the playback speed, and view subtitles in English, Chinese, or other languages.



Resplendent Beauty: Cantonese Opera Exhibition

Cantonese opera is a unique genre of performing art in the Lingnan area in southern China. It applies singing, acting, recitation and martial arts to a large variety of drama plots, and combines stage design, costume design and music accompaniment to become a folk art in the traditional society.



Walter R. Kent Exhibition

The Walter R. Kent exhibition will be open from May 4 – September 8 at the KPS Gallery on 1/F.
This exhibition will be a tribute to Mr. Walter R. Kent, the collector whose maps and posters are now housed in the HKUST Library Special Collections. It will explore and contextualize some of the most significant items in the collection.



NEW Library Coffee Mug

Thank you for voting for the next Library mug design! Your most preferred size is 480ml and your preferred color is beigeso that is what we ordered!



Handling Defects in Library Building & Furniture

The Library has a small but dedicated team handling “defect reports”. These are reports of building and furniture “defects” or problems which need to be fixed. The Library is a fairly large space, with thousands of pieces of furniture, thousands more power outlets, toilets, cabling systems, lighting elements, and on and on and on.



Digital Humanities Website and Upcoming Talk

In February, we launched the Digital Humanities Initiative website (, showcasing ongoing work on digital humanities projects and workshops. Our aim is to promote interdisciplinary research and exploration by combining traditional humanities methods with digital tools and technologies.



Tech Item Kiosk Now Open

As part of the Library™s ongoing plans to expand self-service facilities, we have installed a kiosk system for you to borrow Tech Items 24/7. It rolled out in mid-February and is now fully operational.



Spring Term iTalks

The Library is dedicated to providing a diverse range of engaging events for our community. For many years, we have organized iTalks on different topics to provide an opportunity to learn something new and connect with others who share your interests.



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