Jan Jie – The Vibrant Soul of Ground Floor of the Library

Meet Jan Jie (珍姐), the vibrant soul of the Ground floor of  HKUST Library!

If you’re a Library regular 摺拉把, you’ll undoubtedly recognize her warm and friendly face. With an impressive 22 years of dedicated service as the janitor on the Ground Floor, Jan Jie has worked with various cleaning companies, engaging with hundreds of students over the years. Whether wielding a cleaning cloth or holding a bloom in her hand, Jan Jie is always at work, ensuring the Library remains impeccably clean.

Beyond cleaning, she talks with students, providing encouragement and support for their studies.  She transcends the role of a mere cleaning lady.  Jan Jie is a sharp, compassionate, efficient, and observant individual – well-liked by both students and staff.

Jan Jie has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous students in recovering lost items, mostly wallets, ID cards, and mobile phones, often left behind in library washrooms. Her observant and caring nature is highlighted by an incident where she identified a mainland student with a colostomy, new to Hong Kong, who needed medical support.  She reported this to the Library staff so that the student could receive the appropriate follow up.

As students, ranging from Bachelors to PhDs, return each year during congregation, they eagerly capture heartwarming moments with Jan Jie in photographs. She serves as an undercover Library ambassador, an indispensable part of the Library’s narrative. As Jan Jie approaches potential retirement, my colleagues and I all extend our best wishes to her for this new chapter in her life.

Clara Kwan
Head of Administrative Services



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