Chinese Maps Meet Minecraft

If you haven’t checked out the Library Exhibition “China In Maps 500 Years of Evolving Images” yet, you’re missing out! This introduction video is just the beginning of an exciting journey. You’ll find an excellent example of how students can take their learning to the next level.

Meet Delores Yip and Felicia Pang, two Year 3 students from the School of Engineering (SENG). They are fast learners with a passion for Minecraft, a game that has captured the hearts of many. With their engineering background and gaming skills, they were able to create an engaging and interactive experience for visitors to the exhibition.

This is just one example of the extended learning opportunities available to students at the library. By collaborating with co-curators, students can create compelling storylines that bring history and technology together in exciting ways. So why not join us on this journey of discovery and exploration? Who knows what you might learn!


Library Exhibition “China In Maps 500 Years of Evolving Images” website:

Samson Choi
Librarian (Learning Support)

Disclaimer: Minecraft scenes included are from original gameplay, icons of Minecraft items used in this post and video are copyrighted by Mojang and Microsoft, this post and video are not associated with Mojang or Microsoft.

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