A Film Director, an Encouraging Talk

Alumni are a good source of inspiration, not only for current students, but also for the Library.

On Oct 5, an award-winning film director, Mr. KA Sing-Fung, came to the Library to share his career path starting from a chemistry undergraduate at HKUST.  This very personal talk, 《然後去了拍電影》(“Then, I went to make movies”), was well attended by many students.

He talked about how he enjoyed the Library during his study at HKUST in the mid-2000s, finding it a welcoming space to explore knowledge beyond his core subject. He recalled how he loved to put aside his chemistry books and immerse himself in literature and books about design, and enjoyed movies from the Media Collection.

I am so touched and glad that the Library played a role in his personal growth and career path. Sing-Fung encouraged students to follow their dreams. I hope many of them, like Sing-Fung, will find their inspiration and warm support in the Library.

We organized a number of talks by HKUST alumni; stay-tuned for the next one!

Gabi Wong
Library Director

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