3 TVs in LC Study Rooms were Damaged

Photos of broken TVs in study rooms with datesWe have 13 TV monitors in the Learning Commons group study rooms, each with an HDMI cable for you to connect your laptop or tablet to facilitate discussion.

Unfortunately, after the Chinese New Year holidays, 3 TVs (namely LC-05, LC-16, LC-18) were found broken within seven days (from February 20-26). Upon examination, we found that the screens had been shattered, likely due to impact from sharp or heavy objects. Such incidents are almost unprecedented in LC or Library, and the frequency of events in a short timeframe leads us to suspect deliberate acts of vandalism.

We are arranging to replace the broken TVs. However, these TVs were fairly new (some only a few months old), and replacing them due to vandalism made our hearts sink. It involves not only a financial investment but also requires staff time, coordination, and construction work  – and entails disposal of new equipment. It places additional strain on our staff resources and budget, and contributed to landfill pressure.

Not having TVs in these study rooms until replacements can be installed also inconveniences students who have booked the rooms.

Please exercise control and respect towards communal resources. After all some of us spend more time in LC than in our dormitory.

It’s disappointing for Library staff to encounter such challenges, especially when they disrupt the experiences of others without any clear benefit.


Clara Kwan
Head of Administrative Services

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