A New Large Group Room for Staff/PGs!

By moving the 3D Printing Service into the Learning Commons on LG1, we have freed up the old room to serve as a second IC Learning Space on the ground floor.

Basically, we now have two IC Learning Spaces opposite Lift A on the ground floor – The existing Space has been in heavy use for a long time, and has a much larger and interactive screen. IC Learning Space B is on the other side of the shared glass wall, with a smaller regular monitor and some repurposed furniture.

Both Spaces are optimised for larger meetings, seminars, and teaching. So they can be reserved by Faculty, Staff, and Postgraduate (PG) Students.

IC Learning Space B
IC Learning Space B

The big question is whether having groups in both Spaces will work – will the glass wall be enough to prevent the two groups from bothering each other?

If having both Spaces does work, we will plan to upgrade the equipment and furniture in Space B.  

So let us know what you think – good or bad!  library@ust.hk

Edward Spodick
Associate Director of Library Services


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