HKUST Commemorative Stamp in 1989

Do you know there was a commemorative stamp of HKUST in 1989? I did not, until I saw it today in the Library!

The stamp was presented in a first day cover of a set called “Hong Kong Building for the Future,” issued on October 5th, 1989. Colored in gold and featuring the academic building, it portrays a budding campus aspiring to be a world-class university.

Our University Archives curates a collection of artefacts to preserve the history of the university. Some of them are now being shown on the Library 1/F. Besides the first day cover, another exhibit I find fascinating is the original sketches of the graduation gowns. Thanks to archives colleagues who organize the display, we get to see these interesting items that inspire us to reflect on the growth of HKUST.

By the way, “Hong Kong Building for the Future” was a set of 6 stamps. The other five were Cultural Centre, Eastern Harbour Crossing, Bank of China, Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Light Rail Transit. Together they give you a sense of the progressive atmosphere of Hong Kong in the late 1980s; but I am afraid only those at my age would share that feeling!

Gabi Wong
Library Director

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