Do you want really, really, really hot water?

Hot and cold water fountain We’ve got drinking and water fountains all over the Library.  And every one has both hot and cold water.

But the hot water is not hot enough for my tea – I want really, really hot water!

No problem – the secret” hot water supply is on 1/F 🙂

Basically, all the water fountains except the one on 1F are too accessible to children to let the water be too hot, so they are all set to be around 60oC.

The one on 1/F is higher, and set farther into the wall out of reach of small hands, so it is set for around 90oC.

Of course, as soon as we rolled that out, a student complained that they tested the water with their finger and got burned – so now it has a warning sign.

Hot water 1/F Lift B lobby location   Fountain with really hot water warning sign

We have not found a good place to do this in the Learning Commons yet, but at least you now know where to go for your heat when the main Library is open.


Edward Spodick
Associate Director of Library Services

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