Pick your favorite Library entrance!

After we opened the new entrance at LG5 early March, you can go in and out the Library at three different levels:

  • Main entrance at G/F by the Atrium
  • LG1, the Learning Commons
  • LG5

Which one do you use more often? You may find that a particular entrance fits better into your locus in campus. But apart from that, each entrance in fact has its own character!


LG5 Entrance GatesThe new entrance provides a convenient option for students at residential halls. We collected gate counts in March, and learned that 84% of the entrance traffic was UG students – the UG proportion is higher than the other two. It is interesting that there were about 16,000 counts at the entrance, but only 9,000 at the exit. I wonder why … tell me if you know!

At the LG5 library space, you can find 3 bookable study rooms and over 100 study seats – and you can use these library facilities without passing the card-access gate! Please follow the library rules here, do not bring in food even though it’s so close to eateries at LG5 and LG7. One more note for you is that, if you want to borrow books, make sure you do that at the Circulation Counter on G/F before going down there – the LG5 exit has no check-out service.

LG1 entrance gatesLG1

The entrance to the LG1 Learning Commons is open 24×7 in Fall and Spring terms. Naturally it is the busiest one among the three. From March 6 to 31, there were over 107,000 recorded at this entrance gate, 80% was UG.

I always like the vibrancy here; near the LG1 gate is the Refreshment Zone and the flexible study area around the “light trees”. While the traffic flow is high, and many of you like to greet your friends there, please remember to keep your voice low!

Ground Floor entry gatesMain Entrance on G/F

The G/F entrance is the oldest one among the three. It leads you to our exhibition gallery and Circulation Counter, which is our major service point.

This floor must be the favorite for book lovers! You can find new books on display, popular books, as well as thematic collection highlights. It does have a different vibe when compared to the others.

In its first month of opening, LG5 accounted for 8% of the Library’s entrance traffic. We keep a close eye on figures like these not only for curiosity, but because having a good sense of library user traffic and space dynamics is important for various library teams for future service and space planning.

We hope you like the new LG5 entrance – do give us feedback if you have any!

Gabi Wong
Library Director

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