How Do I … Cite GenAI in My Work?

In the past year, using GenAI tools has become more common in universities. Everyone, from Year One undergraduates (beginning scholars) to advanced scholars, like professors are using it, or at least experimenting.

One question many people have is: “How can I cite GenAI?”

The answer is the dreaded, “Well, it depends….”.

What does it depend on?  Rules set by your audience, whether it’s a publisher you want to accept your article, or a professor who will assess your assignment.

  • Will they accept GenAi material?
  • How will they accept it (acknowledged, cited, as a co-author?)

It can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry. Librarians at HKUST provide workshops and library guides that can help.

One guide was developed for a workshop for the Researchers Series, Emerging AI Tools for Literature Reviews:

screen capture of

Another is in a general guide on referencing:

screen capture of

We also teach and share this in course-based library workshops and online modules like LANG 1403, LANG 1404, LANG 2010, LANG 2030, and LANG 2070.

Do you want the library to create a workshop or a guide for your needs? Contact your Subject Librarian!

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