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User Behavior

Library users should follow the rules of behavior listed here. Offenders are subject to fines and loss of library privileges according to the demerit schedule.


  • The Library is a place for study and research. It is important for all library users to maintain a quiet study atmosphere.
  • The open areas on LG3 are zoned for quiet solo study. No group study or discussions are allowed.
  • In other areas, quiet group study and discussion are allowed. Be courteous to your fellow students, and keep your voices low.
  • To preserve a quiet environment in all parts of the Library, mobile phones and pagers should be switched off, or set to silent.
  • You may use mobile phones only in these areas: the Library Garden, Bloomberg Stations area, terraces, restrooms, enclosed lift lobbies, study rooms, and the Learning Commons Refreshment Zone.
  • For any formal photo-shoot or video recording requests, please contact Library Administration ( for approval.

Food and Drink

  • No food may be taken into the Library, with the exception of the Refreshment Zone in the Learning Commons. This includes fruit and other “shopping”.
  • You may eat light snacks in the Refreshment Zone. Messy or aromatic foods such as french fries, noodles, pizza, etc. are not allowed. Library staff members will determine which food and drink items are acceptable. Users who do not comply will be asked to leave the Library or Learning Commons.
  • Drinks outside the Refreshment Zone must be in spill-proof containers. Spill-proof containers include containers with reclosable lid, sport bottles or disposable cups with lid. Containers considered unacceptable include cans of soft drinks, open cups or glass bottles. All drinks must be non-alcoholic. Please keep drinks away from electronic sockets and equipment to prevent damage.
  • Library users should keep all areas tidy and must dispose of rubbish properly.

No Unattended Belongings

  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The Library cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.
  • No one may reserve library seats or spaces by books, bags, laptops, or other items. Users may reserve study, seminar and media & discussion rooms online, using their ITSC log-in and password.
  • Laptops and other items, including library materials, left unattended on tables, desks, or chairs may be moved to the floor by other library users. Library staff may remove items and leave them at the Circulation Counter.

No Smoking

  • Indoors and outdoors, HKUST is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is prohibited in the Library and Learning Commons, including the terraces and Library Garden.

Proper Use of Collections and Facilities

  • All users are required to wear a mask while using the Library and Learning Commons. As a courtesy to others, please do not take off your mask.
  • To maintain the library collection in good condition, users should handle library materials carefully. Books and other library materials must not be mutilated or defaced. This includes underlining with pencil.
  • Users must pay full replacement cost for such damage. Users are liable to pay full replacement or repair fees for damage to any other Library property (including equipment, furniture, items displayed, or other property), or damage that is a result of evident negligence.
  • Computers are provided for library users to have access to information for the purposes of research, study, and learning. Each user should occupy one computer for fair use. Users should use online resources responsibly. Users should not use computers or facilities to play games or to view obscene materials.
  • Copyright law should be strictly observed by all library users when making copies of library materials.
  • Compact shelving is not meant for browsing. Library users should avoid spending a long time in the aisle so that other users have a chance to use the adjacent aisles.
  • The Library’s collections are developed for the support of HKUST faculty, students, and staff; few juvenile materials can be found here. Pre-school and elementary school children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Parents, not the Library, are responsible for what children read or view in the Library.
  • Bicycles, skate boards, roller blades, strollers, etc. are not allowed in the Library.

Use of HKUST Card

  • Your HKUST Card gives you access to Library space and services. Misusing the card is an offence, which may lead to suspension of library privileges and disciplinary action.
  • Lending or borrowing of HKUST card between fellow students for gaining access to the Library and/or borrowing library materials will incur demerit points.
  • Lending your HKUST card to a non-HKUST person to gain access to the Library and/or borrow library materials is a serious matter. Heavy demerit points will be imposed.

Demerit Schedule

In order to maintain an atmosphere suitable for study, the Library has implemented the following demerit schedule in addition to the usual Borrowing Policy.

  • Demerit points will be recorded in the violator’s Library record and will accumulate through one academic year.
  • Action will be taken by the Library when a library user’s total demerit points reach the levels listed on the Library Action Table.
  • A note will be added to the violator’s Library record once action has been taken.
  • Fines and suspension may be repeated within a demerit range.
  • An extra demerit point will be added on all issues if the Library user is uncooperative.
  • The Library reserves the right to modify the demerit schedule.
  • Criminal activity will be reported to the Hong Kong Police.

Demerit Point Table

Issue Demerit Points
Not returning IC/LC accessory items or Media equipment on the same day of borrowing 1 per day of delay
Uncooperative behavior 1
Food or Drink 2
Improper use of mobile phones or pagers 2
Leaving mobile phones or pagers unattended and ringing 2
Neglecting to check out Library materials 2
Improper use of computer terminals or Library facilities 2
Leaving lap-tops or other valuables unattended 3
Marking Library materials 5
Borrowing or lending HKUST card between fellow students 6
Lending HKUST card to a non-HKUST person 10
Smoking 10
Mutilating Library materials 15*
Attempted theft 18

See information on Technology Items for Loan for details.

* An additional fine of $250 or the replacement cost plus $100 processing fee, whichever is higher, will be charged.

Library Action Table

Cumulative Demerit Point Range Actions taken by Library
  • All library privileges suspended for two weeks.
  • All library privileges suspended for one month.
  • HK$ 100 fine
  • Report to the Department.
  • All library privileges suspended for two months.
  • Report to the Department.
  • All library privileges suspended for three months.
18 and over
  • Report to the Student Disciplinary Committee to consider for dismissal.



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last modified 14 September 2022