Two More Group Study Rooms!

Whenever we can, we give space to you for studying.

Recently two more rooms were converted into Group Study Rooms: LG1-355 and LG3-05!

LG1-355 was used by our librarians as a teaching room for Zoom classes during Covid.  Now the need is much less and we moved that to a smaller office space so we could give you another study room.

Floor plan location of room LG1-355

LG3-05 was used an a dedicated Interview Room for the past year or so.  We looked at the usage numbers, and how some of you are using the new Study Pods, and decided this room could get more use as another group study room to meet your needs. 

Floor plan location of room LG3-05

Please remember LG3-05 is on the Quiet Floor, so don’t make much noise in there – be considerate of other students!

I hope you like the new rooms.  I wonder if I can find any more for you?


Edward Spodick
Associate Director of Library Services

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