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Staff Directory

Library Management Team

Director of Library Services Gabrielle K W WONG 2358-6702
Secretary Lily LO 2358-6702
Associate Director of Library Services Edward SPODICK 2358-6743
Head (Access Services) Venia Y M MAK 2358-6771
Head (Administrative Services) Clara KWAN 2358-6703
Head (Collection Development) Catherine S Y KWOK 2358-6758
Head (Research & Learning Support) Victoria F CAPLAN 2358-6756
Head (Resource Management) Ada S M CHEUNG 2358-6726
Head (Systems & Digital Services) Andrew C W WONG 2358-6745

Access Services

Head (Access Services) Venia Y M MAK 2358-6771


Librarian (Access Services) May M Y LEUNG 2358-6777
Senior Officer (Reserve & Stacks) Tak Kin TSANG 2358-6776
Officer (Circulation) Rowena S H CHICK 2358-6781
Julia P W LIU 2358-6778
Officer (Reserve & Stacks) Lina L N CHEUNG 2358-6773
Tony C Y FUNG 2358-6795
Assistant Officer (Circulation) Graham Y H CHAU 2358-6774
Loi Tim LIN 2358-6774
Irene Y F TSE 2358-6779
Winki W T YUEN 2358-6780
Assistant Officer (Reserve & Stacks) Dick K M LAU 2358-6794
Eva Y W LAW 2358-6775
Simon C F LIU 2358-6795
Tony K S PO 2358-6780
Trace S H YEUNG 2358-6775
Library Assistant Alex Y K WONG 2358-6779

Commons & Media Resources

Officer (Commons & Media Resources) Katherian K L TSE 2358-6788
Assistant Officer (Commons & Media Resources) Abby Y Y AU YEUNG 2358-6789
June H M OR 2358-6790

Document Supply Service

Senior Officer (Document Supply Service) Peggy P K LI 2358-6766
Assistant Officer (Document Supply Service) Florence L M LIU 2358-6754
Clara S Y WUN 2358-6764
Michelle M S YEUNG 2358-6764

Administration Office

Head (Administrative Services) Clara KWAN 2358-6703
Manager (Administrative Services) Joyce W K YAU 2358-6708
Manager (Facilities & Finance) Irene Y M WONG 2358-6704
Officer (Administrative Services) Tammy H L FUNG 2358-6710
Lily LO 2358-6702
Officer (Facilities) Irene S Y LO 2358-6706
Officer Wai Lok CHOI 2358-6709
Administrative Support Assistant Kwong Faat SIU 2358-6720

Collection Development

Head (Collection Development) Catherine S Y KWOK 2358-6758
Manager (Collection Development) Celia P Y CHEUNG 2358-6768
Officer (Collection Development) Immanuel F C CHAN 2358-6705
Assistant Officer (Collection Development) Tze Wah LU 2358-6705

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities Specialist Qiuzi GUO 2358-6712
Assistant Manager (Digital Humanities) Holly H Y CHAN 2358-6711

Research & Learning Support

Head (Research & Learning Support) Victoria F CAPLAN 2358-6756

Learning Support

Manager (Learning Support) Eunice S P WONG 2358-6751
Librarian (Learning Support) Lester C H CHAN 2358-6746
Samson W C CHOI 2358-6763
Ernest T H LAM 2358-6769
Assistant Manager (Research and Learning Support) Dorian H L CHOW 2358-6782
Assistant Officer (Learning Support) Susan W S CHENG 2358-6753

Research Support

Manager (Research Support) Kevin K M HO 2358-6761
Librarian (Research Support) Jennifer Y S GU 2358-6755
Aster L ZHAO 2358-6767
Officer (Research Support) Winny W L MAK 2358-6759

Resource Management

Head (Resource Management) Ada S M CHEUNG 2358-6726



Manager (Resource Management) Xiaolei WANG 2358-6727
Librarian (Resource Management) Patti P T LAI 2358-6735
Officer (Monographs) Benjamin W K CHAU 2358-6716
Margaret N C CHU 2358-6765
Irene S F HUI 2358-6715
Ginny S I LAU 2358-6713
Mary C F YEUNG 2358-6733
Assistant Officer (Monographs) Onion K H PONG 2358-6736
Library Assistant Maggie Y L NG 2358-6736


Manager (Resource Management) Lois M Y FUNG 2358-6737
Librarian (Resource Management) Irene O Y LI 2358-6730
Assistant Manager (Resource Management) Titania Y W HUNG 2358-6722
Senior Officer (Resource Management) Yat Wah CHAN 2358-6719
Officer (Serials) Angie Y S CHUNG 2358-6734
Renee S K YEUNG 2358-6718
Assistant Officer (Serials) Tina T H CHAN 2358-6721
Peter F S LEE 2358-6731
Eunis W S PANG 2358-6731

Systems & Digital Services

Head (Systems & Digital Services) Andrew C W WONG 2358-6745
Librarian (Systems & Digital Services) Franky W H CHEUNG 2358-6738
Martin K Y SO 2358-6748
Leo C H WONG 2358-6747
Terry C S YIP 2358-6742
Officer (Systems & Digital Services) Sam K S CHU 2358-6739
Joey C H CHUNG 2358-6740

University Archives & Special Collections



Librarian (Archives & Special Collections) Shirley X ZHANG 2358-6750
Officer (Archives & Special Collections) Fiona W H MA 2358-6785
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last modified 01 March 2024