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Papers with Evidence of AI Writing

Academic publishing is facing new challenges with the rise of generative AI tools. Retraction Watch, a platform that tracks paper retractions, has revealed a concerning trend: the emergence of papers potentially written by ChatGPT.

Game-Based Research Data Management Training

Research data management doesn’t have to be monotonous and tedious. Today we’d like to introduce six games that offer a fun and engaging approach to learning about research data management.

Highlights of Emerging AI Tools for Literature Review Workshop

Conducting literature reviews can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Last week, HKUST Library offered a workshop introducing the latest AI tools that can assist in this process. This post shares the key highlights from the workshop.

Now on Trial: Scopus AI

The Library now provides a trial on Scopus AI, a built-in function within the Scopus platform that accepts queries in natural language and provides concise AI-generated summaries. Try it out. Your feedback is needed!

Manipulatable Google Scholar Citation Counts

Citation counts are widely used to assess the impact and influence of research. Google Scholar, a popular platform for retrieving citation data, has recently come under scrutiny once again for concerns over its manipulability.