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E-Resources Usage Trend (2019-2021)

Special Note:

The charts below show COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) usage of the Library’s electronic resources.

The Library starts to adopt COUNTER Release 5 data starting from 2021. Since the metrics for counting ebook usage are very different from their COUNTER Release 4 counterparts, previous years’ data for ebook are not presented here to avoid confusion.  Ejournal usage is not affected by the upgrade to COUNTER 5 standards, and a three-year trend is available for comparison.

Ebook (No. of Chapter Downloads)

Total no. of chapter download in 2021 is 847,019. HyRead and IEEE Xplore Conferences are the two most heavily used platforms.



Ejournal (No. of Article Downloads)

Usage in 2021 jumped 23%. ScienceDirect remained the top used resource for 3 consecutive years, followed by Wiley and Nature.




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last modified 02 August 2022