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HKUST Library Logo Contest

Library Logo Contest 2021

Creativity has no boundaries, let your creativity shine and join the Library logo contest. All HKUST students, staff, and alumni are invited to showcase your talent to submit logo designs for the Library in the 2021 Spring semester.

The logo design should:

  • help promote the HKUST Library’s mission ( as a Learning Hub and Scholarly Gateway to support the University’s teaching, learning, and research.
  • show originality, have not been published previously and not based on any pre‐existing designs.
  • employ innovative/interesting colors, composition, drawings, objects, or texts, to deliver the message behind.
  • follow the University Branding Guideline


All HKUST alumni, students and staff, excluding (i) Library staff or their family members. and (ii) adjudicators or their family members.


  • One Grand Prize – HKD$2,000
  • People’s Choice Award – HKD$1,000


  • Email your logo design to, subject Library Logo Contest.
  • Email content must include: Your name, staff or student UID (alumni need to provide their degree and year of graduation), brief explanation of the logo in Chinese or English.
  • Each participant can submit up to 3 logo designs (1 logo design per email submission), do not embed the logo in the email message, send as an attachment.
  • File Format & Size: vector graphic (.ai, .eps, .svg), raster graphic (.jpg, .gif, .png, .tif) or PDF files , 10MB maximum.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: 5:00pm, April 15 (Thursday), 2021
  • Voting Period – People’s Choice Award: March 1 (Monday) – April 21 (Wednesday), 2021
  • Result Announcement: April 23 (Friday), 2021
  • Prize Presentation Ceremony: May 4 (Tuesday), 2021


  • A panel made up of Professor Anirban MUKHOPADHYAY (Associate Provost, Teaching & Learning), Mr. Thomas NG (Director of MTPC) and members of the Library User Communications Committee.
  • Criteria includes aesthetics, creativity, and expression of the Library mission.
  • Logo should look good in black and white, grayscale and color, be easily resized, and suitable for high quality printing.
  • Logo design entries will be uploaded to Library Instagram with the hashtag #hkustlibrarylogocontest for public voting. Entry receiving the most “likes” will win the “People’s Choice Award”.
  • If no suitable entries are received, the Library reserves the right not to select a winner.

Copyright & Ownership:

  • All submitted logos must be original, have not been published previously and not based on any pre‐existing designs.
  • Each submitted logo must not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the logo.
  • Ownership rights, including all intellectual property rights, to the winning logo will belong to the HKUST Library to use, distribute, display, modify, reproduce, and/or create derivative works of the logo in part or in whole, in any medium, for any HKUST Library’s operations and purposes.

Important Notes:

  • By entering the contest, the entrant agrees to abide by the rules of the contest and decision of the adjudicators; as well as assign all ownership and intellectual property rights of the winning logo to the HKUST Library.
  • The HKUST Library reserves the right to reject entries that do not meet the stated requirements. Any decisions by the HKUST Library on a participant’s fulfilment of any of the stated requirements shall be final and binding.


For enquiry, please contact Eunice Wong ( or Kevin Ho (


Grand Prize: Man Chee YUEN (ENVR)


靈感源自傳統中國舞蹈「探海翻身」一式,揉合「書」在甲骨文中以筆敘事的的意象,整體呈現一個包裹文化知識的創意藝術空間。 設計以上圓下方作鋪排,線條剛柔並重,舉態動靜相輔;其中一點象徵元一,為太極之圓。寄望學生、教授、職員皆默而識之,學而不厭,誨人不倦;通過圖書館中蘊藏的智慧,見自己、見天地、見眾生,保守初心,領略生命之端、萬物之本、世間之道,與其共舞。
English translation:
Inspired by the traditional Chinese dance moves “探海翻身” (explore the sea and turn over), it combines the image of “narrating with pen” embodied by the character “書” in the oracle bone inscriptions, and presents a creative art space that encompasses cultural knowledge. The design is round above and square below with both rigid and soft lines, and dynamic complementing static in form; the point in it symbolizes 元一 (the ultimate substance), the circle of 太極 (Tai Chi). Hope that students, professors, and staff will remember it by heart, be tireless in learning and teaching; through the wisdom contained in the library, know yourself, know the world, and know all beings, keep your original intention, appreciate the source of life, the origin of everything, the way of the world, and dance with them.
Grand Prize: Eunyoung KIM (MAE)


HKUST library is a learning hub to support the HKUST students and scholars. The book in the logo symbolizes diverse resources HKUST library offers. The book supports the sundial and the golden head of wisdom from the HKUST logo, implying HKUST library’s supports on HKUST-ers’ success and intellectual advancement. Another possible meaning of the logo is HKUST library’s significant assistance on HKUST students and scholars to find their own paths. In this case, the sundial refers to its literal meaning, as a device to identify the time by the position of the Sun. The logo implies their roles on assisting HKUST students and scholars to be successful in their own way. Beyond these explanations, the logo can be interpreted in various meanings depending on how you see it!
People’s Choice Award: Shriya SRIRAM (IELM)



This logo is an attempt to express the HKUST Library’s mission through graphics; the book on which the text ‘HKUST LIBRARY’ is placed represents the idea of knowledge and learning. The two blue pillars on either side of the Redbird figuratively shows an entrance or a gateway towards which the students of this university (represented by the Redbird itself) walk through to reach intellectual discovery (represented by the sun).


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last modified 04 May 2021