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China in European Maps – A Library Special Collection

Compiled and Edited by
Min-min Chang


… 其實這個收藏的最大特點還不止在於其珍貴,而主要的是它系統地反映了十五世紀以來,西方人對中國地理的認識的發展歷程,同時從中還可以透視出中外地理知識與地圖製作方面的交流。可以說大約是地圖發展史上每一個時期都有代表作收入其中,所以值得我們予以介紹。”

 – 周振鶴

“… this superb collection, which so vividly reflects Europe’s lasting fascination and cross-cultural exchange with China over many centuries, should be located here in Hong Kong, such an important commercial entrepot and vibrant cross-cultural melting pot, and for so long the meeting point, if not the revolving door, between China and the West.

… one of the finest cartographic collections in Asia – a unique and invaluable resource that scholars and map-lovers, not only in Hong Kong but in every corner of the world, will now be able to access, use and enjoy long into the future.”

– Roderick M. Barron

Table of Contents

序言 Preface 周敏民 Min-min Chang
西洋古地圖裏的中國 周振鶴
China in Maps: Columbus to Kangxi Roderick M. Barron
Sinarum Regni Aliorũq. – An Unrecorded Map Roderick M. Barron
在邊緣與空白處 – 從觀念史角度看古地圖 葛兆光
Maps, Poems, and the Power of Representation Zhang Longxi
55 Selected Maps and Prints 五十五幅圖版
Catalog of the Special Collection

I. World Maps (1-4)
II. Maps of Asia and Regions Around China (5-45)
III. Maps of China and Chinese Coastal Regions (46-70)
IV. Maps of Chinese Provinces and Cities (71-104)
V. Three Chinese Maps (105-107)
VI. Atlases (108-112, M1-17, A1-42)
VII. Prints (113-133)
VIII. Books (134-175)

Reference Works
Mapmakers and Authors Index
Place Name Index


Descriptions and annotations in Chinese and English.

Cloth bound. 212 p 55 plates, 247 illustrations in full color 37 x 33 cm.

Published by
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2358-6707
Fax: 852-2358-1043

Limited Edition: 1,000 copies

Antique Maps Database:

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last modified 12 September 2017