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訪客留言 (摘錄自留言冊)

We are bringing friends to enjoy the exhibition! They love the creativity! (Wei Shyy and Yuchen)
Powerful-Visionary! (Edith Shih)
To Claudia, Enjoy very much your art works, pets & family life – and your talent! Have a wonderful life.
Dear Claudia, thanks for the energy that you bring to us.
Dear Claudia, thank you for bringing Spiderman to this exhibition and Tata as well!
Many inspirational stories about HKUST graduate who had beautiful childhood & achieved their dreams. My son is very happy to read these stories and enjoy the paintings & photos. He said he sees himself in Claudia’s story. Thanks UST!
I like Vivian Ho’s work! Very interesting and I love how she combines different objects in each frame. Best are yet to be seen I am sure.
I like your work Vivian!
喜歡Vivian的想像力, 配合現實, 效果excellent!
What a great initiative, please have round 2 and showcase how diverse & talented our alumni are!
Nice to see the great exhibition! Hope to see more similar activities in the Library! Thanks to all who made it happen!
Just follow your heart!
I love the exhibition so much, hope to see more local artists’ works!
The power of passion! Impressive indeed!
Arts should be something we all need, especially for UST students!
The pictures are very beautiful!
Thanks for the wonderful exhibition!
Great works and great presentation.
Interesting art. Lovely to see.
Very good art show! Enjoy it very much. Thank you! Congratulations!
Really love all the arts and the photography!
Enjoyed your exhibition!
用另類手法表達!Keep going!
我越看你的作品, 越是喜歡, 禁不住逐頁翻看。。。希望再欣賞到你的新畫作、書本/繪本。Love it so much!
Love the colours & relaxation.
This is an impressive exhibition.
Very very good! Seeing a poetic being!
感動!很喜歡Terrence Pang的相片,很想繼續探索這個美麗的地球—人和事!
They are all very creative.
Jeanie係我Lang mate,好開心見到佢嘅作品係科大展出,仲有囡囡嘅作品!Keep it on!
Wonderful art
Love Jeanie’s painting