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Spotlight: Walter R. Kent's Road to Hong Kong

This exhibition features selected items from the Walter R. Kent Collection. The late Mr. Walter R. Kent (1941 - 2016) was interested in maps and items relate to aviation; he collected maps, posters, and aircraft models through years. His maps reflect the traces of his life from his birthplace New York through Asia, eventually reaching Hong Kong as his home of retirement. In 2019, his collection was generously donated to the HKUST Library. This exhibition is made possible by the thoughtful contributions of his loyal friends and companions. 

Aeroplane models lead you to this exhibition at the Special Collections Gallery in the Library. This Spotlight exhibition encircles Mr. Kent’s love of cities and highlights the collection on two levels. On a personal level, it unfolds the becoming of a very private collection, characterized by city maps in his lifelong journey. On an academic level, the richness of his map collection adds value to the Special Collections at the HKUST Library. 

The maps, posters, objects, sound recordings and photos in this exhibition will give you a glimpse of an emotional trip through Asian cities and, at the same time, sketch how this very personal collection came into place and remains a vivid witness of its time. Very much appreciated are the voice recordings and objects of friends and companions throughout Mr. Kent’s life journey that enrich and contextualise the collection and his friendships.