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Places to Study

Group Study

Group Study Tables

  • on 1/F, G/F, LG1, LG4, and LG5
    Group tables 1/FGroup tables 1/F Group tables G/F Group tables LG4

Need a TV or a Projector for Discussion

  • Group study rooms on 1/F, LG1, LG3, LG4, and LG5; Group Screens on G/F; Tutorial Spaces on LG1
    Group study roomGroup ScreensGroup study roomTutorial Spaces

Need a Library Computer

  • Information Commons on G/F
    Group space at ICGroup space at IC

Individual Study

Need a Library Computer

  • Individual seats at the Information Commons on G/F, E-Learning Classrooms in the Learning Commons
    Individual workstations at ICClassroom AClassroom B

Individual Seats and Carrels

  • G/F, LG1, LG3, LG4, and LG5
    Carrels on G/FSingle seats on LG1

Mobile Chairs

  • LG1
    Mobile chairsMobile chairs

Quiet Space

  • LG3 is the designated Quiet Floor, 1/F has a designated Quiet Room
    LG3 Carrels

Refreshment Allowed

  • Use the Refreshment Zone at the LC
    Refreshment zoneRefreshment Zone

Open 24-hours

  • The Learning Commons opens 24-hours during Fall terms and Spring terms
    LC entrance

Outdoor Space

  • The Library Garden (G/F) and balconies on LG1, LG3, LG4, and LG5
    Outdoor terrace LG4 Balcony LG3 Library Garden Library Garden
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last modified 26 April 2024