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Ultraviolet Book Sterilizers

The Library provides several ultraviolet book sterilisers for your use. These can kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the book. The heavy-duty machines try to sterilise the insides as well.

Book Sterilizer

G/F Counter-top Sterilizer

Ultraviolet Book Sterilizer

Heavy-duty steriliser on LG3 and LG4.

In addition to the small unit at the Circulation Counter, two heavy-duty UV-C book sterilizers are available near the water fountains on LG3 and LG4.

These sterilisers are available for you to use.

You may process any books before you borrow them, or even sterilise your own books.

Just follow the instructions in the graphics to place the books inside, close the door, press the button, and wait a minute or so for the beep!



Just books – NO Liquids!

Watch this demo…

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last modified 13 May 2022