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Library Souvenirs Celebrating 25A

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of HKUST, the Library designed two souvenirs available for sale. Items are available at the HKUST Souvenir Shop.

Prints of Antique Maps

Collectible prints of 12 beautiful maps selected from the Library Special Collections are made available in 3 subsets, each contains 4 maps. Only 250 sets are made, each one is numbered.

map prints folders

A. Maps of China

New map of China New map of the Chinese Empire Western and Eastern part of China subdivided into its provinces The extremely rich Empire of the Chinese

B. Maps of Asia

Map of the East Indies and of neighboring islands Tartary Newly drawn map of Asia Extremely accurate map of the entire Asia subdivided in all its parts

C. Maps of the World

Second Age of the World Succinct description of the terrestrial globe New terrestrial and maritime map of the whole world Terrestrial planisphere


  • One subset: $200 
  • One full set (A+B+C): $500 

Illustrated Notebook

A notebook decorated with 25 images selected from rarebooks of 16th to 19th Century in the Special Collections.

Notebook - 25A Souvenir

Price: $80


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last modified 06 December 2023