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Library as Place

  • Complaint about the temperature being too cold has been a long-standing issue. The ideal preservation climate for books (15-18 Celsius degrees at 40% humidity) would be much too cold for study. The Library and FMO work to maintain a more acceptable temperature of around 24 degrees, with a humidity of 55-60%.

As the air handling system is upgraded, these settings can be adjusted for smaller zones, instead of for  whole floors. We are also checking if more study rooms can be upgraded to local fan coil units with in-room A/C controls.  We are an early adopter of FMO’s new wireless sensors for temperature and humidity.

The Library plans to explore ways to provide “heat maps” to show users current temperature in different areas. We have also supported a Sustainability Office proposal to explore funding virtual thermostats at user seats where patrons can scan QR codes and adjust their local temperature. However, there were cases when certain areas were stuffy. In some cases, improved signage may show users how to activate the ventilation fam without the cold air function.

  • There were requests for more study rooms, seats, individual study space, group space, etc. It is in our plan to convert more shelving into study space over time. We will review and monitor room booking to avoid abuse and conduct more frequent patrol to enforce the policy. We are open to ideas and opportunities such as creating remote leaning commons in LSK campus.
  • We also received other comments on chairs height and comfort, furniture needing upgrade, compact shelving, soundproofing, hygiene, air quality, room booking system, power, napping space, etc. These will be prioritized and dealt with gradually if feasible.
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last modified 28 February 2020