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Affect of Service

  • We have received numerous comments about noise. Since the Learning Commons allows and encourages collaboration and discussion, it is the noisiest floor. In addition to reinforcing frequent patrol, we need to designate additional areas as Quiet Study Zone in addition to the Theses Room and LG3.
  • There were many comments related to theft, security and installing CCTV. In recent years, more users bring expensive electronic devices to Library, so user-property theft has become a significant security concern. The effective way to prevent theft is for users not to leave valuables unattended. Actions already taken include reminding patrons, adding security guards, and more frequently collecting of unattended valuables to the Circulation Counter. The Library has been working with the Security Center to install CCTV cameras for the whole Library. We also plan a publicity campaign and more consistent imposition of demerit penalties when users pick up their staff-removed unattended belongings.
  • Regarding the comments on seat hogging, we always remind users to fill in “hold form” at each study carrel to hold their seats for less than 30 minutes because of a short break. The Library plans more vigorous removing of unattended belongings in carrels during mid-terms and exams when the Library is crowded. We are also exploring the installation of short-term Octopus-operated self-service locker system for users to deposit their belongings.
  • We will review reserve loan policy, such as allowing renewal if no one has placed a hold on that item, exploring the possibility of extending the 2-hr loan to 3-hr loan. For multiple copies of reserve books, we may consider assigning copies with different loan rules of 3-hr, 1-day, 3-day and 7-day to meet user need.
  • We will Improve promotion of library workshops and e-learning about resources and methods (online and face-to-face), especially in areas requested by comments, such as remote access to online resources, LaTex, etc
  • The Library will enrich some of the “Get Started” resources and activities, including information about LC call numbers.
  • There were other comments on staff, student helpers, 24-hour space, Learning Commons, food and drinks, self-check service, Interlibrary Loan, HKALL, finding information, printing, network, etc. We are reviewing these concerns and will explore ways to address them if feasible.




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last modified 28 February 2020