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The Power of Diversity - Artistic Visionaries from HKUST

Jointly Presented by Lee Shau Kee Library and Development and Alumni Office

Date: April 19 – August 24, 2022 (extended to September 18, 2022)
Venue: Ping Yuan and Kinmay W Tang Gallery
Hours: Library’s Opening Hours


Due to campus access controls, visitors please pre-register before coming for a visit.

Beauty in Diversity

HKUST is known for its education and research in science, technology and business management. These areas of knowledge are just one side of the story – art and culture are also emerging skill sets among our students. Witness four alumni artists showcasing their abilities in this very special exhibition that shows the power of passion, following your dreams, and being the best you can be. Together We Empower – these four artists show that the collective is more important than the individual, and the sum is greater than its parts.

Flow of Life

Our artists have travelled unusual and diverse paths to get to this point. Jeanie came from the banking industry, but quit to follow her dream of being an artist, despite not having any formal training. Now a mother of two, she has picked up her brushes again for this exhibition “Flow of Life”, with her small daughter also contributing two works, highlighting the beauty of motherhood. Her work demonstrates that life is beautiful despite its difficulties. Love, growth and reflection on life are commonalities running through Jeanie’s works, made all the more poignant by the fact that she only became a full-time painter in 2009. Her signature character “Oowa” has earned recognition and been shown in Hong Kong and Europe.

The Human and Animal Bond

Similarly, Claudia was a pilot straight out of graduation from HKUST. With the pandemic and the closure of her airline, she pursued a long-held ambition to be an artist, with her drawings of pets and animals becoming a sensation online. Much like Jeanie, she is a mother, and the beauty of her drawings evoke family life at its most intimate, while inspiring appreciation for animals.

From painting dogs and cats for owners in Hong Kong, Claudia has expanded her repertoire and created stunning portraits of parrots and even tigers. A strong self-learner, Claudia developed pastel drawing and oil painting skills from watching YouTube artist channels. While she recently resumed flying, Claudia still hopes to pursue her dreams in art at the same time.

Hong Kong City Reimagined

Hong Kong native Vivian graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut with a degree in Economics and Studio Art, before studying an MBA at HKUST, and took the bold path to become an artist. She has built her reputation on imagination and sharp insight, with depictions of ordinary people in city life, creating a romantic, almost cinematic vision. Vivian’s depictions “Hong Kong City Reimagined” spur fantasy, fascination, and pride for our hometown.

Through her work, Vivian creates an otherworldly utopia that preserves Hong Kong’s city dynamics, and allows viewers to re-examine the world within our daily lives. Collectors and art lovers are strongly attracted to Vivian’s creations, and she has held multiple solo and group exhibitions in both Hong Kong and overseas. Her works are currently collected by M+ Museum, the Foundation Valmont , Nishiji Collection and Copelouzos Family Art Museum.

I Shoot, therefore I Am

Previously a professional in the IT field, Terence also took the bold decision to be a photographer and videographer, earning plaudits for his insights and receiving several international awards. In December 2017 and November 2018, Terence staged his exhibition “Girl.Improvise “, a retrospective look at his decade-long odyssey of photography, held at Jao Tsung-I Academy and HKUST respectively.

For this show, Terence is presenting “I shoot, therefore I am”, showing how photography has documented his life and preserves special moments. Presented in a familiar “Instagram format”, the depictions are a reminder that we have so much to explore, especially as the pandemic has made travelling difficult. For now, we can take a journey to the past together.

Are You Ready?

Together, these artists have all overcome difficulties, and moved boldly forward in their quest to be artists. They demonstrate “beauty in diversity”, and the versatility of HKUST.