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Wireless Printing – Installation Guide for macOS

1. Run the driver installer

Double click on the installer file to start the installation.

2.1. Installation – Drivers list

This driver will install the following printer drivers to your Mac.
Click “Continue” to confirm.

2.2. Installation – Agreement

You can click “Read License” to read the license terms.
Or click “Agree” to confirm the license terms.

2.3. Installation – Install Location

Click “Change Install Location” to change the installation destination.
Click “Install”, and type a valid administrator credentials.
Click “Install Software” to start the installation.

2.4. Installation – Completed

The installation was successful.
Click “Close” end the installation.

3.1. Printer Setup – Open System Preferences

1. Open “System Preferences” from your Mac
2. Go to “Printers & Scanners”
3. Click on the “+” sign

3.2. Printer Setup – Add printers to your Mac

1. Select “IP” from the top menu
2. Fill in the printer(s) information.
3. Click “Select Software…” to change a printer driver.

Location Address Model
1/F Printer A MP C7502
G/F Printer A MP C8003
G/F Printer B MP C8003
G/F Printer C MP C8003
G/F Printer D MP C8003
LG1 Printer A MP C8003
LG1 Printer B MP C8003
LG1 Printer C MP C7502
LG3 Printer A IM C8000
LG4 Printer A IM C8000

3.3. Printer Setup – Select printer driver

Type the driver name from the search field

3.4. Printer Setup – Completed

Click “OK” and complete the procedures

4.1. Send your print job – Open the application

Click “Print” from the application
Select a proper printer, and click on “Show Details”

4.2. Send your print job – Change the Job Type

This example using “Safari”, so you will see “Safari” as the first option
Choose “Job Log” from the pull down menu
Change the “Job Type” from “Normal Print” to “Locked Print”

4.3. Send your print job – Open

Type in a “User ID” and “Password” for your print job

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last modified 02 November 2023