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Tag - Data Repository

Tips on Sharing Your Research on Zenodo Repository

On Zenodo’s 10th anniversary, we found over 200 publications, software, datasets, and more that were contributed by HKUST affiliated users. This post will provide tips on how to best use this platform to share your research outputs.

Dataset Citation – When and How

Research data and datasets are becoming increasingly important in the scientific process. As more researchers make their data open and reusable, proper citation is crucial to give credit to the authors and acknowledge the data origin.

Metadata: A Key to Dataset Discovery

Metadata, or "data about data", is a critical component of research data management that provides information about a dataset, object, or resource, including its format and collection details.

Understanding Data Licenses

One important aspect of research data management is data sharing and reuse. This post introduces a few common data licenses that enable data creators to explain what users may or may not do with a given work.