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Category - Research Tools

Now on Trial: Scopus AI

The Library now provides a trial on Scopus AI, a built-in function within the Scopus platform that accepts queries in natural language and provides concise AI-generated summaries. Try it out. Your feedback is needed!

Fuzzy String Matching Using FuzzyWuzzy

String comparison is a key step in data pre-processing, but functions in Excel such as MATCH and VLOOKUP falter in fuzzy string matching. In this post, let’s explore how the Python library "FuzzyWuzzy" overcomes these limitations.

Five AI Research Tools That Referencing Genuine Sources

Hallucinations, or the generation of inaccurate or fabricated information, are a significant concern surrounding the use of AI. In this post, we introduce five AI research tools that can generate answers based on real sources.

You Ask, “They” Answer: AI Research Assistants

AI is changing the world and it certainly has impact on research design and workflow. Today we look at some AI research assistants, which are trained to answer research questions based on corpus of scientific literature.