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Calling for Guest Posts at Research Bridge Blog

We welcome guest writers to contribute to Research Bridge Blog, a hub for HKUST community to share trends in scholarly communication and promote best practices in doing research.

Calling for Guest Contributions

Whether you are an experienced researcher, a newly minted PhD, or a research student, we would like to hear your research stories. We encourage you to share your research projects, highlight your PhD experience or early career development, or share useful research tips with your peers, students, and fellows.

You do not need to have previous blog writing experience to contribute; for research students, this will be a great opportunity to reflect on your work and to build up your resume.

Potential topics for contribution include but not limited to the following:

  • How to get published? What is your research experience as an author, team member, or peer reviewer?
  • Your experience and tips on keeping track of literature and managing research data.
  • Share research tools (e.g. Open Science Framework) that you would like others to know and use.
  • Share your PhD or early-career researcher (ECR) experience, thesis writing experience, etc. Do you have any memorable moments?
  • Share your career development experience. What motivated you to work in your current research project?

You can also browse our previous posts and the About Us page for gaining an idea of our content coverage and scope.


Got an idea? Here is what to do.

Step 1: Before writing in full length, let us know your topic first

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please email the Library’s Research Support Services team at with subject line “Research Bridge” and a short paragraph to describe your proposed topic. We will acknowledge your submission of interest and will work together from there to develop the story with you.

Step 2: Draft Your Blogpost

Once the blogpost topic and outline are confirmed, we will suggest a tentative target date for having your draft for review and a tentative date for publishing your post. Then, it is your turn to write the article.

Usually, a blog post is about 400 to 800 words and can be accompanied with images, embedded videos, and/or infographics.

Step 3: Publish Your Blogpost

We will proofread/copyedit your draft and invite you to preview the post on the blog platform before its official release.

The post will be authored by you as the sole author and it will be bearing a “Guest Post” indicator in the blogpost category.

Award to Students

If you are a current full-time student at HKUST, we particularly encourage you to share your experience. If you successfully have a post released in Research Bridge, you will receive a HK$500 gift coupon as an award.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact Research Support Services at

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published April 21, 2022
last modified April 27, 2023