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Open Access Publishing Agreement for HKUST Authors: First Year Outcomes

In 2021, over USD$18,000 was waived when seven HKUST articles published in Cambridge University Press journals chose Open Access (OA) publishing.

At the end of 2020, the Library reached a “Read-and-Publish” agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP). This agreement enables HKUST authors to choose Open Access publishing without paying article processing charge (APC). Papers accepted during 2021-2023 are eligible for the coverage.

In 2021, the first full year of this agreement, seven HKUST articles benefited from the scheme. This amounts to a total of USD$18,240 saving in APC. The articles fall in a wide range of disciplines:

  1. Xu, W., Wang, Y., He, X., Wang, X., Schumacher, J., Huang, S., & Tong, P. (2021). Mean velocity and temperature profiles in turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard convection at low Prandtl numbers. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 918, A1.


These articles have been viewed or downloaded over 4,600 times in less than one year.


OA articles are accessible without the subscription barrier; they can be more widely read, circulated, and cited. See our previous posts about citation advantage of OA:

In recent years, more researchers are interested in OA publishing with the aim to reach more readers; at the same time, universities and research funders, such as the Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong, are setting up OA policies that require researchers to follow. Libraries’ agreements with publishers, such as this one with CUP, provides a pathway for authors to publish their works OA without additional cost, not only to increase the reach of the work, but also to comply with funders’ requests.

Find out more about similar agreements at HKUST; for any questions about publishing OA, talk to us!

– By Kevin Ho and Gabi Wong, Library

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published February 15, 2022
last modified March 9, 2022