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Digital Humanities Initiative – Uniting Digital Technology and Humanities Through Creativity

In Spring 2022, the Division of Humanities and the Library launched a joint project, Digital Humanities Workshop, to explore the growing intersection of technology and the humanities. In connection with the project, a Digital Humanities Initiative website was built. 

Events & Training – See What’s Happening 

The Digital Humanities Initiative website features a range of workshops designed to equip researchers with the skills they need to succeed in the field of digital humanities. These workshops encompass hands-on tutorials on various digital tools and techniques, as well as lectures on innovative research projects. This semester, we will be teaching tools such as Tableau and Voyant Tools for data visualization, as well as skills such as web scraping. Furthermore, keep an eye on the website for our future announcements on guest talks, which are currently being arranged.

Explore Our DH Projects 

The website showcases a collection of digital humanities projects originating from the library, faculty, and students at HKUST. Currently, we feature three projects on the website, ranging from ancient maps to virtual exhibitions. These projects demonstrate the power of digital technology in helping us understand the world around us. 

Sha Fei and Wartime Photography 

As one of the most influential photographers of his generation, Sha Fei (1912-1950) used his lens to document the turmoil and chaos of wartime China from the late 1930s to 1940s.

Cultural Revolution and Visual Memory

The photographs, taken by the photojournalists in Xinhua News Agency, provide a unique insight into the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976). The project is still in progress. If you are interested to contribute, please contact Dr. Qiuzi Guo, the project leader.

Early Mappings of East Asia

This collection consists of almost 40 East Asian maps, manuscripts, prints, and rubbings. Most noteworthy items include the Song dynasty map steles rubbings, Ming local maps on silk, and a beautiful Edo copy of Matteo Ricci’s world map, and huge maps of the Qing empire.

Sha Fei and Wartime Photography

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Making copperplate for Jin-Cha-Ji Pictorial (《晉察冀畫報》制銅版)

Tools for Creating DH Content

The Digital Humanities Workshop also aims to provide students, researchers, and faculty with the necessary resources and tools to excel in this expanding field.. We have gathered a variety of widely used tools to support various stages of the digital humanities curation process: 

  • Data cleaning, analysis and visualization
  • Prototyping and UI design
  • Storytelling and publishing

Selected open-source and subscription-based tools are now available on all workstations in E-Learning Classroom B on LG1 Learning Commons. They include ArcGIS, Audacity, OpenRefine, StoryMaps, etc. List of tools can be found at

Check out our new website today and see what digital humanities has to offer!


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published February 15, 2023