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New Books by HKUST Scholars 2021: Science and Technology

18 books were found published Nov 2020 – Aug 2021 by HKUST professors and researchers via the SPD-Institutional Repository: 8 in science and technology; 10 in humanities and social sciences.

This post first introduces the eight S&E books. H&SS books will be covered by another post. For books with multiple authors or editors, the name of the HKUST member is flagged by an asterisk and linked to the scholar profile in SPD for current faculty.


Cover BiologicalWastewaterTBiological Wastewater Treatment: Principles, Modelling and Design

Edited by *Chen Guanghao, Mark C. M. van Loosdrecht, Mark George A. Ekama, Damir Brdjanovic
See availability in Library

Cleaning dirty water has become more complex and urgent now than 12 years ago when the first edition was published. This new edition aims to help the young water professionals engage with the scientific and bioprocess engineering principles of wastewater treatment science and technology with deeper insight.

Cover Dam Breach Modelling And Risk Disposal

Dam Breach Modelling and Risk Disposal: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Embankment Dams

Edited by Zhang Jian-min, *Zhang Limin, Wang Rui 
See availability in Library

This proceedings book gathers contributions presented at the First International Conference on Embankment Dams (ICED). The papers reported on recent dam breaching cases, their social impact, associated risk management strategies, long-term disposal methods for failed dams, and suggested scientific topics for further research.

Cover Distinct Aerodynamics Of Insect Scale FlightDistinct Aerodynamics of Insect-Scale Flight

By Csaba Hefler, Kang Chang-kwon, *Qiu Huihe, *Shyy Wei
See availability in Library

This Cambridge Element is a concise and peer-reviewed guide addressing the aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, geometry, stability and dynamics of flexible flapping wings in the insect flight regime.

Cover Event Triggered Active Disturbance Rejection ControlEvent-Triggered Active Disturbance Rejection Control: Theory and Applications

By Shi Dawei, Huang Yuan, Wang Junzheng, *Shi Ling
See availability in Library

This title covers recent developments on event-triggered active disturbance rejection control, and it includes extensive engineering application examples with numerous illustrations to help readers understand and master the new concepts and techniques.

Cover Phytocosmetics And Cosmetic Science 1Phytocosmetics and Cosmetic Science

Edited by Nattaya Lourith, *Tsim Karl Wah Keung
See availability in Library

This concise guide to cosmetic active ingredients derived from plant sources will bring scientists, researchers in cosmetic science, and dermatology practitioners up to speed with the basic science and its applications in manufacturing and dermatological practice.

Cover Small Summaries For Big DataSmall Summaries for Big Data

By Graham Cormode, *Yi Ke
See availability in Library

This comprehensive introduction to data summarization, showcases the algorithms, their behavior, and the mathematical underpinnings of their operation. The authors offer detailed descriptions of and pseudocode for key algorithms that have been incorporated in systems from companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and Twitter.

Cover A Unified Computational Fluid Dynamics FrameworkA Unified Computational Fluid Dynamics Framework from Rarefied to Continuum Regimes

By *Xu Kun
See availability in Library

This Cambridge Element presents a unified computational fluid dynamics framework from rarefied to continuum regimes. The framework is based on the direct modelling of flow physics in a discretized space.

Cover soft matter軟物質的功能智能特性及其應用 (Functional and Intelligent Characteristics of Soft Matter and Its Applications)

*温维佳; 巫金波編著
See availability in Library


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published September 23, 2021

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