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New Books by HKUST Scholars – SciTech & Business

Between 8/2021 and 7/2022, HKUST scholars published 16 books according to our Institutional Repository: Four in science & tech; four in business & economics; and eight in humanities & social sciences.

In this post, let’s take a look at the 8 titles covering SciTech and business topics. H&SS books will be featured by another post. For books with two or more authors or editors, the name of the HKUST member is noted by an asterisk and linked to their scholar profile. 

Governing Climate Change in Southeast Asia: Critical PerspectivesGoverning Climate Change in Southeast Asia: Critical Perspectives

Edited by Jens Marquardt; Laurence L. Delina*; Mattijs Smits
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This volume showcases the diversity of the politics and practices of climate change governance across Southeast Asia. Through a series of country-level case studies and regional perspectives, the authors explore the complexities and contested nature of climate governance in what can be considered as one of the most dynamic and multi-faceted regions of the world. 

Designs from Linear Codes, 2nd Edition

Designs from Linear Codes, 2nd Edition

By Cunsheng Ding*; Chunming Tang
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Since the publication of the first edition of this monograph, a generalisation of the Assmus-Mattson theorem for linear codes over finite fields has been developed, two 70-year breakthroughs and a considerable amount of other progress on t-designs from linear codes have been made. This second edition is a substantial revision and expansion of the first edition. Two new chapters and two new appendices have been added, and most chapters of the first edition have been revised.

Conceptual Design of Crystallization ProcessesConceptual Design of Crystallization Processes

By Christianto Wibowo; Ka Ming Ng*
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The book presents, in a unified manner, various crystallization design methods. It discusses in detail the geometric framework for representing complex phase behavior involving multiple solutes, enantiomers, hydrates, compounds, polymorphs, and solid solutions through visualization of high-dimensional phase diagrams. 

Geotechnical reliability analysisGeotechnical reliability analysis: theories, methods, and algorithms (岩土工程可靠性分析:理論、方法與算法) 

See availability in Library

如何考虑岩土工程的设计、施工和运营中存在大量的不确定性因素是岩土工程的关键难点之一,也是国内外岩土工程领域的研究热点。 該著作讲授一阶可靠度方法、抽样方法、响应面法、随机场理论、基于可靠度的设计理论以及贝叶斯方法等数据科学知识及其在岩土及地质工程中的应用,填补了岩土及地质工程可靠性分析领域英文教材的空白。

Hong Kong Taxation and Tax PlanningHong Kong Taxation and Tax Planning, 20th Edition

By Patrick Kin-wai Ho; Kelvin Po-lung Mak*  
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The objective of Hong Kong Taxation and Tax Planning is to provide readers with taxation knowledge from the basic to the advance level of tax planning. At the same time, this book is a very valuable tool for students learning their materials for the preparation of academic and professional examinations.

Pricing Models of Volatility Products and Exotic Variance DerivativesPricing Models of Volatility Products and Exotic Variance Derivatives

By Yue Kuen Kwok*; Wendong Zheng 
See availability in Library

This book summarizes most of the recent research results in pricing models of derivatives on discrete realized variance and VIX. It provides sound arguments for formulating the pricing models of variance derivatives and establishes formal proofs of various technical results. Illustrative numerical examples are included to show accuracy and effectiveness of analytic and approximation methods.

One Currency, Two Markets: China's Attempt to Internationalize the RenminbiOne Currency, Two Markets: China’s Attempt to Internationalize the Renminbi

By Edwin L.-C. Lai*  
See availability in Library

This book is for anyone who is interested in the economic analysis of the future of the international monetary system and the USD, and the rising importance of the RMB. It points out the unsustainability of the dollar standard in the long run, that China has unique incentives to internationalize its currency, and how Hong Kong plays an important role. 

迎接金融新時代 : 香港金融科技實踐與前瞻迎接金融新時代 : 香港金融科技實踐與前瞻

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published September 8, 2022