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New Books by HKUST Scholars 2019: Humanities & Social Sciences

Last week we introduced 8 new scitech books authored or edited by HKUST faculty and researchers. This post showcases the other new books in humanities and social sciences.

For books with multiple authors or editors, the name of the HKUST member is flagged by an asterisk and linked to the scholar profile in SPD for current faculty.

The Civil Sphere in East Asia

Edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, David A. Palmer, Sunwoong Park, *Agnes Shuk-mei Ku
See availability in Library

Leading sociologists who live and work in East Asia examine their region’s most dangerous and explosive social problems and some of its most stunning success stories from the viewpoint of civil sphere theory.

Climate Actions: Transformative Mechanisms for Social MobilisationBy Laurence L Delina
See availability in LibraryClimate change remains a challenge that needs to be addressed at its core, particularly the rapid reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. This book discusses strategies for climate actions by synthesizing insights from a set of international contemporary social action group’s’ surveys.

Emancipatory Climate Actions: Strategies from Histories

By Laurence L Delina
See availability in Library

This book calls for a collective strengthening of the progressive dimension of climate action in the face of continued myopic governmental response. Delina argues that consent must be revoked and power realigned to avoid suffering the consequences of unabated climate change.

Exemplary Agriculture: Independent Organic Farming in Contemporary China

By Sacha Cody
See availability in Library

The book explores the complex relationships movement protagonists have with customers in the city, rural neighbours in the countryside, volunteers on their farms, intellectuals involved in rural reconstruction initiatives as well as the organic items they produce.

Hijacked War: The Story of Chinese POWs in the Korean War

By David Cheng Chang
See availability in Library

In The Hijacked War, David Cheng Chang vividly portrays the experiences of Chinese prisoners in the dark, cold, and damp tents of Koje and Cheju Islands in Korea and how their decisions derailed the high politics being conducted in the corridors of power in Washington, Moscow, and Beijing.

The Social Question in the Twenty-First Century: A Global View

Edited by Jan Breman, Kevan Harris, *Ching Kwan Lee, Marcel van der Linden
See availability in Library
Open access URL:

This carefully curated volume maps the linked crises across regions and countries and identifies the renewed and intensified Social Question as a labor issue. It includes discussions of American exceptionalism, Chinese repression, Indian exclusion, South African colonialism, democratic transitions in Eastern Europe, and other phenomena.

Take Back Our Future: An Eventful Sociology of the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Edited by *Ching Kwan Lee, *Ming Sing
See availability in Library
Also available in Library Book Collection JQ1539.5.A91 T35 2019

“This book explains the contexts, causes and consequences of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, a 79-day mass occupation protest in one of the world’s most affluent financial centers”– Provided by publisher.

The other two H&SS books: Interpreting Dilthey: Critical Essays; Animated Encounters: Transnational Movements of Chinese Animation, 1940s-1970s have already been featured in early 2019.

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published March 17, 2020

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