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Using HA’s Clinical Data for Multidisciplinary Research

The Hospital Authority (HA) has established a big data analytics platform, namely the HA Data Collaboration Laboratory (HADCL) to support the formulation of healthcare policies, facilitate biotechnological research, and help improve clinical and healthcare services.

Research Data Visual ImageResearchers can make use of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) in HADCL to draw inspiration for innovative research not only in the field of Medicine, but also Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Engineering, Public Health, etc. from the vast and valuable HA data by themselves.

Types of Data Available

The Self-service Data Platform (SSDP) set up by HADCL is made of structured data from around 200,000 patients randomly selected from the patient populations of 2007 and 2017, stratified by age and gender, which contains:

  • patients’ demographic characteristics (12M records)
  • attendance records to hospitals or clinics (> 500M records)
  • Immunization records (5M records)
  • radiology examination results (123M records),
  • clinical diagnosis, procedures, medication, laboratory results

Find out the details of data available at HADCL Data Catalogue.

Researchers can make use of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) in HADCL to draw inspiration for health big data research from the sample data by themselves.

Locations and Access Period

Academic Researchers (including research postgraduate students at HKUST) can choose to access the SSDP either at

  • The University’s remote access site located at HKUST Library; or
  • The HA Data Collaboration Lab in Kowloon Bay.

Each applicant can apply for a maximum of 5 days of access to the service.

For details of the service, please visit RO website or email for enquiries.

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published December 9, 2022