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New Books by HKUST Scholars 2021: Humanities & Social Sciences

Last month we introduced 8 new SciTech books authored or edited by HKUST faculty and researchers. This post showcases the new books in humanities and social sciences.

For books with multiple authors or editors, the name of the HKUST member is flagged by an asterisk and linked to the scholar profile in SPD for current faculty.


Cover Advances In Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Communication Of DesignAdvances in Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Communication of Design 

By Evangelos Markopoulos, *Ravindra S. Goonetilleke, Amic G. Ho, Yan Luximon
See availability in Library

This book gathers proceedings of the AHFE 2020 Virtual Conferences on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Human Factors in Communication of Design (July 16-20, 2020, USA) and presents how creativity drives design and innovation to allow the integration of a wider spectrum of topics related to engineering, industrial, and ergonomics design.

Climate Actions: Transformative Mechanisms for Social MobilisationBy Laurence L Delina
See availability in LibraryClimate change remains a challenge that needs to be addressed at its core, particularly the rapid reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. This book discusses strategies for climate actions by synthesizing insights from a set of international contemporary social action group’s’ surveys.

Emancipatory Climate Actions: Strategies from Histories

By Laurence L Delina
See availability in Library

This book calls for a collective strengthening of the progressive dimension of climate action in the face of continued myopic governmental response. Delina argues that consent must be revoked and power realigned to avoid suffering the consequences of unabated climate change.

Cover Daoism And Environmental PhilosophyDaoism and Environmental Philosophy: Nourishing Life

By *Eric S Nelson
See availability in Library

This title explores ethics and the philosophy of nature in the Daodejing, the Zhuangzi, and related texts to elucidate their potential significance in our contemporary environmental crisis.

Cover Evolutionary Governance In ChinaEvolutionary Governance in China: State-Society Relations Under Authoritarianism

Edited by Hsu Szu-chien, *Kellee S Tsai, Chang Chun-chih
See availability in Library

The People’s Republic of China has experienced numerous challenges and undergone tremendous structural changes over the past four decades. Based on a dynamic typology of state-society relations, this volume adopts an evolutionary framework to examine how the Chinese state relates with non-state actors across several fields of governance.

Cover Linguistic GrammarGrammar: A Linguists’ Guide for Language Teachers

By Tom Rankin, *Melinda Whong
See availability in Library

Traditionally, there has been a disconnect between theoretical linguistics and pedagogical teacher training. This book seeks to bridge that gap. Using engaging examples, it provides an innovative overview of linguistic theory and language acquisition research for readers with a background in education and teacher training, and without specialist knowledge of the field.

Cover PAP V PAPPAP v PAP: The party’s struggle to adapt to a changing Singapore

By Cherian George, *Donald Low
See availability in Library

Singapore appears to be transitioning gradually to a more competitive and contentious democracy. For now, though, the People’s Action Party still controls all the levers of power. The PAP’s internal dynamics will be the primary determinant of its continued viability. This anthology of essays expands on one dimension of this inner struggle: between a conservative attachment to what worked in the past, and a boldly progressive vision for the future.

Cover Teachers Pronunciation On Learners InterestTeacher’s Pronunciation on Learners’ Interest: How Does the Pronunciation of a Teacher Affect Young Learners’ Interest in Learning English: a Case Study in a HK School

By *Sara Lai-Reeve 
See availability in Library

This descriptive case study probes into the effects of a local Hong Kong Chinese kindergarten teacher’s pronunciation on her students’ classroom interactions in English language learning. It also describes and examines the teacher’s own perceptions of pronunciation competency as a language professional.

Cover What Is Good Academic WritingWhat is Good Academic Writing? Insights into Discipline-Specific Student Writing

Edited by *Melinda Karen Whong, Jeanne Godfrey
See availability in Library

The field of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) developed to address the needs of students whose mother tongue is not English. This volume asks what good writing is within specific disciplines, focussing on student work. The volume includes chapters on established disciplines which have had less attention in the EAP and academic writing literature to date, including music, formal linguistics, and dentistry, as well as new and growing fields of study such as new media.

Cover Intro To Macroeconomics宏观经济学通识课: 掌握经济分析的简单逻辑

See availability in Library


环境与气候协同治理白色21环境与气候协同治理: 中国及其他国家的成功实践 

何建坤, *齐晔, 李政等编著
See availability in Library

本书来自中国和世界各地的案例研究展示了环境气候综合评估和协同治理如何帮助制定具有成本效益和连贯性的政策,从而降低政策成本,提高成功概率, 识别出能获得双赢的解决方案。

Cover San Zi Jing三字經與現代社會

施仲謀, 李敬邦 編著; *任濤 普通話朗讀者
See availability in Library
Open access full-text available at SPD Institutional Repository



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published October 6, 2021

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